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I appreciate these Olake moments, but i can’t help but feel weird since Kerry is pregnant…

Oh my gosh. I was thinking the same thing….


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"Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull."

- George Orwell, 1984 (via punk-grrrls)

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I haven’t really given my opinion on Twisted since season 1B started. For two reasons, really.

1.) I wanted to see how this would pan out.

2.) I haven’t cared that much.

Now, it’s over and probably over for good, so here’s what I think for anyone who cares.

There is a difference between ACTION and PLOT. The writers don’t seem to get that. They throw all of this crap — Jo dating guys, Lacey kissing girls, Danny…brooding. All of that would be fine if it made sense. You can’t put pearls in a jar and call it a necklace, and you can’t put actors doing random stuff on TV and call it a drama/mystery/whatever.

In the beginning, our main characters at their core were the popular girl, the outcast, and the murderer. An interesting, if not cliche, foundation. While the writers made strides to show that all three of the characters were more than just those labels, we viewers could follow the characters’ choices because we could fall back on those basic ideas.

Lacey doesn’t want to be seen with Danny? She worked hard for her life to be normal and she doesn’t want to ruin it for someone she can’t trust.

Jo is forgiving of Danny? She doesn’t have many friends, and murderer or not, Danny was never cruel to her.

Danny hides the necklace? He’s already been to juvie for murder and now he’s the prime suspect in Regina’s murder.

1A was imperfect, but at least it made sense.

Then 1B comes, and the binaries of the show fizzle. Everything fizzles. Danny is not the murderer. Lacey is not the popular girl. Jo is not the outcast.

So what were they?

A bunch of kids with random ass problems.

The character motivations disappeared. The characters became one-dimensional, and I lost track of why anything was happening.

Why was it necessary for Danny to kill his dad? The writers spent all of 1A pretending the fact that Vikram was alive was a big secret, and then they kill him in the first episode of 1B.

Why did Jo set up a meeting with Danny and Vikram and not involve her dad? I mean, if the writers wanted to be cliche, that was the proper way to go.

Why does Danny confess the murder to everyone and their mamma, but then decide it was best not to go to Kyle? Kyle helped him in season 1A. It seems like that would have been a logical route to take.

Why is everyone in love with Jo except for Jo? She’s supposed to by a sympathetic character, I get that. But how can anyone sympathize with her really if she doesn’t make sense? Having everyone love a character for no reason is the definition of - I hate this term - a Mary Sue. The writers turned Jo into a Mary freaking Sue.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

By the end of season 1B, we had three white-washed characters running around blindly, bumping into each other, and confessing their love for one another. None of it made any sense. So why were we supposed to care?

I’m proud of those who protested the show. Not just for the mistreatment of Lacey’s character, but in the name of bad writing everywhere. Honestly, if Twisted’s writing had been better, the writers might have gotten away with marginalizing characters like Lacey and Rico. It happens all of the time (I.E. The Vampire Diaries- don’t get me started on Bonnie). But the writers not only did a disservice to Lacey, but to all of the characters, and I’ll be shocked if they get another season. If they do, I hope they try harder.



How I want Being Human US to end: Josh and Nora to be happily together with a were-baby. Sally is able to touch things so she and Aidan can be together. And the all live happily ever after.

How Being Human US will probably end: They all die.

Oh, gosh. Then no, don’t listen to me!! Alex, Tom, and Hal have a better fate than Annie, Mitchel, and George did >.<

Being Human US || 4x08 ” Rewind, Rewind…” Episode Stills

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"The women’s cycle is also tied to the lunar cycle, as it happens, and we just need the blood to harness the moon’s power!"

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How I want Being Human US to end: Josh and Nora to be happily together with a were-baby. Sally is able to touch things so she and Aidan can be together. And the all live happily ever after.

How Being Human US will probably end: They all die.

That’s what happened in the UK version. Twice. knows what’s up


I didn’t even watch the finale (let alone more than 20 mins of 1B), but from the things I’ve heard, I’m glad I didn’t.

Sally + Aidan BH 411 

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