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Incandescent (Bamon Fanfic)

Chapter 5.1 of Incandescent is up. I’ll try to have 5.2 up before I go to sleep tonight.

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damonselvatore asked: Hi! I was wondering if you'll still be updating Incandescent? I love that fic :D it's one of my favorites!

Yay, I’m thankful you like it enough to follow it. I have every intention of finishing Incandescent. Unfortunately, intentions are tricky little things. I’m about 15,000 words away from finishing my novel, so I’ve been focusing all of my writing energy there xD. I’ll post here when I update. Solemnly swears, heart crosses, and pinky promises. :)


bonnie bennett meme ;; eight quotes [2/8]

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Pierce The Veil Feat. Jeremy McKinnon - Caraphernelia