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I think the Elena/Bella comparison is the very reason i don’t want to watch it, TBO. TVD came out around the Twilight craze, and I stuck with it specifically because Elena wasn’t like Bella. She seemed willing to fight and stand up for herself, but the girl ALWAYS needs saving. From this villain or that villain, from herself, from her obsession with Damon.

I’m just not sure i’ll be running home Thursday nights to catch the Elena Diaries. The Delena Diaries were bad enough.
A longer promo you say?
*thinks about going to watch. decides with all certainty not to*

Okay, so in the promo we don’t see Bonnie but we do see Damon. However, what we see of Damon is presumed to be an halucination. We don’t see Damon where he actually is (with Bonnie). This is still shrouded in *mystery*. We only see Damon because Elena is still so punch drunk on grief that she is borderline insane, must see TV right there *cue the eye rolls*.

It was only twenty-something seconds. Maybe Jeremy is punch drunk imagining Bonnie too. I expect not. If anything, I think Caroline might be the one halicinating based on what I read about the deaths affecting her the most. Who even knows.


graphic description of the fandom watching the new tvd trailer


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remember when


Bonnie’s mom explained to her why she left?

Because she didn’t want to help Elena and her family.

Because she didn’t want to be “the witch” any more.

Because she wanted to be a person.

what if Bonnie chooses to stay on the other side because of that?

Remember all of those times Damon said…

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I just finished watching the promo and the thing that frustrates me is that nobody is crying over Bonnie Bennett. It’s the same shit over and over again. The only time they care about Bonnie is when they need something from her and she helps them because she’s a selfless caring friend. I’m tired by the way they treat Bonnie, I just hope that she gets to have a happy ending because she truly deserves it.

Kat Graham on set with a fan (x)


4-5/50 photos of Paul Wesley

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That’s it. That’s the show. (x)

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